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Great as Always. As most of us are “scared of Dentists, no matter what our age” this is not the norm when I visit Dr. Dave and his staff. I wouldn’t say its “a pleasure” but it is truly and always an experience like none I have had an other dentists. J.S. 11/12/16

This dental office has the most caring and professional group of employees and one of the best dentists I’ve ever had! Keep up the good work Genoa Smiles! N.T.11/8/16

Thank you so much for the personal care you always give me! You look out for not only my teeth best interest, but also my wallet! I appreciate your honesty and options are always better than none. I am never concerned about being taken advantage of, (as I do with many other business’ now a days!), knowing you will do what needs done and never add on extras. Thank you for being the best dentist around! 😀 S.W. 11/7/16

They are exceptional in everything they do. R.F. 11/1/16

Immediate service, and very friendly doctor and receptionist. R.B. 10/28/16

Great service. I felt that I was well cared for. T.S. 10/14/16

Everything went just fine and it was over before I thought it would be. J.G. 9/30/16

As always, the service from the entire staff was given with a smile and pleasant conversation. The appointments are scheduled so there is not a long wait to see the dentist. C.W. 9/15/16

The staff here are very friendly, personable and helpful. They make sure that you understand if you’re covered by insurance at their facility or not and will help you look. They are professional in every aspect from reception, teeth cleaning and major work. D.K. 8/30/16

Had a couple fillings. They made it as comfortable as they could get! Pleasant as ever. R.N. 8/22/16

Pure excellence. Professional and friendly, quality care and comfort. From the moment you arrive the staff and doctor treat you like one of the family. Always asking what you need and how you feel. In every step making sure you understand what they are doing and if you are okay when done. D.N 8/18/16

If you were afraid to go to the dentist this is the place to go. Not only is the staff wonderful but the technique that the doctor and the staff use is gentle and reassuring. My wife used to have to be put to sleep to get her teeth cleaned and after coming here she doesn’t need anything anymore. Highly recommended. Sensational. W.S. 8/9/16

Everyone was wonderful! R.N. 8/8/18

Had an awesome experience here for a full exam. Everyone was so nice and gentle. Very professional, you have gained a family for life! L.J. 8/8/16

My dental appointment was a pleasant experience! The staff is friendly and professional and service was rendered in a timely manner. R.G.8/4/16

This was not my first time at Genoa Smiles. I knew I would be back. Everyone was very nice. I felt very comfortable. Looking forward to completing the work on my teeth with Dr. And his staff. E.S. 8/3/16

This was my first visit to the practice and am so happy with my experience. The office is clean, filled with friendly & knowledgeable staff, Dr Dave and Rebecca were very relaxed so that it made me relaxed. They talked with me & asked me what was I expecting. Telling me every step that they were going to do. They’re professional & gentle care was mso appreciated. I will recommend them to all. D.N 8/1/16

More than just the dentist. More like family.(e.g. better than family) J.R 7/29/16

First Visit. I changed dentists due to insurance. It is hard after being comfortable with the one we were using. The staff at Genoa Smiles were VERY friendly and made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door. I had no wait time.. Dr. McAuslan was very personable and made my first appointment there a relaxed, easy experience. Highly recommended! J.W 7/8/16

I found all of the staff helpful – they all listened to my concerns and took them seriously. Painless reset of my crown that had fallen off. I look forward to establishing with this dental office. C.G. 7/716

Very friendly staff! Great with kids!! I love Genoa Smiles. C.S. 6/20/16

The Doctor and staff are awesome! They are talkative, personable and they listen. Most of all they are honest. Best dental experience I have had! D.P. 6/20/16

As always, our hygienist Jenny was amazing! My son has no anxiety about going to the dentist! Today he and Dr. Dave actually had some fun with the water and air sprayer 🙂 If you need an awesome dentist, who has a very kind, knowledgeable and professional staff, then you need Genoa Smiles!! S.Z. 6/17/16

Awesome awesome visit. If I could score higher than five stars, I seriously would. I thought I had done something with my tooth last night and made an appointment to get in to see Dr. Dave. It came to be a simple little cleaning that I needed and nothing was wrong with my tooth. Thanks Dr. Dave and Katrina for getting me in and putting my mind at ease. P.L. 6/3/16

I have been with Genoa Smiles for 2 years now. The staff and Dr are wonderful and very professional. They do not look for up sales but merely make sure your teeth are healthy. Love them! E.T. 6/3/16

Thank you for the easy fix, and soothing my worries. You guys are the best!! K.N. 5/24/16

Everyone in the office is pleasant and competent. Dr. Dave does great work and inspires trust. G.H. 4/30/16

In and out with no delay or problem. Friendly and efficient. S.D  4/25/16

Super friendly, clean easy going place. Made me feel at home. Z.S. 4/5/16

Great staff, they are all patient, friendly and professional. My daughter was so nervous to get her cavities filled, when we got in the car, she said I really like the Dr and staff there. D.P 3/28/16

Caring expert professionals that don’t make you feel like you’re dealing with a used car salesman like some practices. J.W 3/28/16

The people at Genoa Smiles are wonderful,I have never been to a dentist office that I felt so at ease with.Dr.Dave , Rebecca and Katrina are great thank you. D.B. 3/28/16

Wonderful experience. Will definitely be returning, such a wonderful staff. M.L. 3/26/16

I had a “spot” on my gum and I freaked out about it. I actually emailed a picture to Katrina and she showed Dr Dave and they told me not to panic and come in and have it looked at. I went in and he looked and it and told me it was a small abrasion on my gum and it would heal with time as long as it didn’t get infected. My kids and I love the staff there they are simply amazing and really care about you and your mouth. Would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!!! D.R. 2/22/16

I was very impressed with Jackie’s method (that’s not the word I want, but can’t think of the right one) in cleaning my teeth. She used less water and subtle suggestions to me for improving my dental care. Also, she got under my 4 tooth bridge without trouble to floss. Dr. Dave’s explanation of my loose crown was good, but I have to say I am uneasy about it, but I know I am in good hands for next weeks procedure. A.P 2/2/16

Professional and friendly service. Professional, thorough and on time. A.F. 1/17/16

Very Friendly staff. Very easy to work with and flexible. C.S. 12/11/15

My appointment was preparation for a crown. I highly recommend their friendly and professional approach to patient care. I could easily invite any of them to my house for Thanksgiving. S.D. 11/23/15

Nice and friendly atmosphere. Very relaxing. R.F 11/2/15

If I could give the staff of Genoa Smiles more than Five stars, I really would. My family have been patients of Dr. Dave since before I was born and will continue to be patients of his. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and will recommend them to anyone. Thanks Dr. Dave! You and the ladies are amazing. The drive is worth it if you plan accordingly as well. P.L. 11/5/15

We have had Dr. Dave as our dentist for over 30 years and followed him from his Yorkville office to his Genoa practice. He is an honest dentist who will not try to sell you procedures you do not need. E.L.11/2/15

As a long time patient of Dr. Dave, I am willing to drive an hour for appointments when there are dozens of options much closer to home. Dr. Dave’s manner, his humor,his professionalism, and the treatment he provides is worth the drive. The rest of the staff are friendly, helpful, and excellent at their jobs. What more can one possibly ask for? C.K. 10/15/15

The staff was very supportive of a very scared 11 year old. As a result it went quickly and smoothly. A.D.10/6/15

Dr. Dave was very thorough and friendly, all off his staff were very kind and informative! A.L. 9/24/15

I was a new patient with a horrible tooth ache, dr Dave took care of the infection right away and wasn’t letting me leave til the tooth was taken care of, other places I’ve been just put me on antibiotics and sent me home til infection went away he temp fixed it that day and sent me home. Great people and will be on my Xmas card list. B.S 9/15/15

I have always had a great experience when going to Genoa Smiles. Today my son told me after his first appointment there, he liked it there.He would like to keep going back. He is hard to please when it comes to dental care. I am pleased. T.B 9/10/16

Always happy to see Dr. Dave and his staff. E.L 9/9/15

Fantastic with my very anxious seven year old. Our past dentist used gas on the kids any time they had any dental work done – effective, but expensive and not entirely safe – so, my daughter was definitely nervous about getting a filling at a new dentist. Dr. Dave, Rebecca, and Katrina all made us feel very comfortable and she has now had two fillings done with no issue. They were great at calming her nerves and doing the job efficiently. Highly recommend them for their services – our whole family is now using them. J.G. 9/5/15

Jenny was VERY professional i would highly recommend her as a hygienist. R.L. 9/1/15

Perfect! N.T. 8/24/15

I was amazed at the level of courtesy, the professionalism as well as the empathy that was shown by all of the staff – I am actually looking forward to my next visit!! R.L. 8/21/15

Great with Kids. Always a pleasant visit and the staff and dentist make the kids feel comfortable. The treasure chest is a big bonus too! The kids know it’s coming after their cleanings! C.H. 8/4/15

The staff are always so friendly. I feel so well taken care of. Would recommend to any friends and family. I wish I would have started coming here years ago. C.V. 7/30/15

Who enjoys going to the dentist? The doctor? Or any appointment where you have to be worked on? Not many people, that’s for sure. Well, in ALL my experiences with appointments, Genoa Smiles is BY FAR the most pleasant. Starting from the moment I walk in the door and am greeted by the friendly office attendant, to my experiences with the dental associates and the dentist himself. Everyone is with a smile and a genuine warm personality along with having the upmost professionalism. If a pleasant experience is important to you, you should visit Genoa Smiles! S.M. 7/28/15

It’s wonderful to have a preventive care Dentist and staff that are so kind and gentle. They do their best to make you comfortable at all times! P.S. 7/27/15

Anxiety free zone! I had quite a few things done to my mouth. There wasn’t a time that I felt nervous or uncomfortable the entire time including all the shots I got in my mouth the grinding and drilling. The entire staff made me feel extremely comfortable I personally would drive hours to get out here highly recommended! 7/22/15 W.S.

Our family enjoys the low key atmosphere of this practice. Thanks. 7/10/15 A.D.

Always kind and personable! Great staff! I love the professionalism with a personable touch! You are always greeted with a smile and the staff is always very accomadating and helpful! Thank you! 6/30/15 M.O.

Everyone was very professional and friendly. Everyone was very good at answering any questions I had. Very satisfied with my first visit! 6/9/15 R.W.

thought everything was very nice. This office seemed very professional, thanks! I thought everything was top notch very happy with my visit! 5/27/15 D.C.

Awesome Staff! We were beyond thrilled with the staff and Dr Dave…… So pleasant and very helpful…… Look forward to going back for many check ups. 5/15/15 D.R.

This place is a “one of a kind” dental profession. You don’t find this very often anymore.Too bad the medical profession lost it uniqueness in pateint care. Well for now this quality is still around, but becoming harder to find. 5/4/15 J. R.

GREAT WORK! VERY FRIENDLY! They are wonderful people and great place to go! I highly recommend then no matter your age 3 yrs old or if your lucky to stills have your own teeth at 80! 4/28/15 M.B.

Like Dr. Dave!! I am really liking my visits to Dr. Dave. He takes the time to address my specific needs which is very important to me as a patient. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a good dentist!!! Thanks Dr. Dave for finally a good dental experience!! 4/21/15 L.L.

Can a dentist appointment be fun? I actually enjoyed my “time in the chair” as the dentist and his assistant were both very friendly and engaging. Professional and efficient are two words I’d also use to describe them. I’ll be returning for all my dental needs. 4/21/15 C.B.

All of the staff at Genoa Smiles are extremely friendly and helpful. They take their time and answer questions and offer assistance. I appreciated the home-like atmosphere of the office as well. 3/30/15 M.H.

Always receive timely, expert care, not merely “professional.” I never feel that I’m just an entry in the profit statement. 3/26/15 J.W.

Although these appointments are our first with the office, we feel very comfortable with the office and our decision to switch to your practice. It was very relaxing and low-key. An absolutely perfect visit with the dentist! My 3 year-old is still flashing her super sparkly teeth at me. Thanks!! 3/23/15 A.D.

I’ve gone to 3 different dentists in the Genoa/Sycamore/Dekalb…. This one is by far the best. Fixed some minor issues which we’re causing immense pain for me in 10 minutes. The entire staff is professional and warm. I love them. 3/13/15 C.N.

First time visitor. Decided to come to this dentist as they are on my new insurance plan. After being here this one time I was given information about the health of my teeth that I had never heard before. It was great to have such an open and honest explanation of what I can expect without having to ask many questions on my own. Questions that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about. Everyone was extremely pleasant and friendly. 3/10/15 M.L

I had a cracked filling replaced. Things went well and with no unexpected surprises, including the price. 3/6/15 G.H.

From the pleasant receptionist whom I spoke with on the phone to make my initial appointment, to the hygienist who was just wonderful, it was a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office. 3/6/15 L.G.

Everything went speedy and quick. Everyone is kind. when I got there I could just walk right in and they were ready, there was no wait. I liked that. 2/24/15 A.P.

Very pleased with my dental care received not only today, but all past appointments. The staff listens to my concerns and provides the utmost care when working on my dental needs. Never been a big fan of dentists, but you make my visits enjoyable. Thank you! 12/19/14 T.P.

I am a total dental Phobe. Nothing ever personal with the dentist, but I have to say Dr. McAuslan was amazing. Instead of needing to be anesthitized for the appointment I am actually looking forward to working with him. Thank you. 12/18/14 C.R.

I was very happy with the friendliness and expertise demonstrated by the doctor and staff. If I could choose a 6-star rating it would be my choice! 12/2/14 M.R.

All staff members were very knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions! Amazing with my kids as well! 11/18/14 Michelle

My hygienist Jennifer did a through and efficient job cleaning my teeth. The staff were friendly and personable, which considering I was the last appointment of the night, made for a pleasant evening. 11/18/14 C.M

I am very happy with “Genoa Smiles“. Everyone is very friendly, yet still professional. I would highly recommend them. 10/18/14 K.E.

I was very comfortable with the services I received today. You are all professional, caring, friendly, and competent. There is always a very friendly greeting from your receptionist. I have absolutely no complaints and have recommended you to others when asked about our new dental office.

9/2/14 A.L.R

Excellent service. I would prefer this office to everyone and anyone, they are compassionate sensitive to your needs and listen. The drive was just as worry and stress free as the visit was, with no traffic to ever worry about in the small town of Genoa. Thank You Very Much for all of your time listening and efforts made on the behalf of my tooth. 8/22/14 B.W

I was looking for a new dentist and was very pleased an appointment was available only one day after I called. The staff was pleasant and thorough. The dentist explained potential problems that need attention. 8/21/14 C. W.

Everyone was polite, friendly and professional. It was my first time visiting the office and won’t be my last 8/6/14

A nice place for dental care. All staff are caring and want to help. The dentist is very gentle and skillfully performs his work. I can recommend them to you for any care offered 8/2/14

Another great appointment! I’m in the process of having extensive work done, and I couldn’t imagine a better dentist for the job. If you’re looking for a compassionate, patient dentist and friendly staff, then go to Genoa Smiles 🙂 8/1/14 M.O.

Everyone was very friendly and personally caring. Everything was carefully explained to me as well. I was very impressed. 7/31/14

They are always friendly and compassionate, especially as I basically have a phobia of dentists! The entire staff there is great. 7/29/2014 Y.L.

Very friendly staff, excellent dentist. Would HIGHLY recommend!! 7/25/14 M. O.

My dental experience has always been pleasant at Genoa Smiles. 7/22/14

The staff is professional and take the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions. Warm and friendly environment. 7/15/14

Wonderful visit happy to have a healthy smile and the kindness and professionals at Genoa smiles are tops!!! Don’t be scared of the dentist anymore make an appointment today!!! You will be glad you did!! 7/14/14 C.H.

Dr Dave and his staff are ready, willing and able to assist with any dental situation. I was able to schedule the appointment easily and once I arrived in the office, I was brought back immediate;y. This appointment was for my 4 year old son. Dr. Dave is so gentle and has never made my son feel uncomfortable or afraid. He is a great dentist! I would highly recommend Genoa Smiles!!

7/3/14 S.Z.

Everyone is very friendly, I actually enjoy going to the dentist! 7/2/14 J.M.

Love the reminder emails and the friendliness of the office. Really like Dr. very personable and nice. 7/2/14 M.C.

Such friendly and fast service. All the staff made me feel right at home and treated me like a person, not a number. Can’t wait to return! 6/30/14

Both the Dentist and hygienist were very knowledgeable and caring…They helped identify and fix a problem that was caused by my partial denture…Great work!! 6/28/14 S.M.

Nice people, no-hassle insurance handling, gentle hygienist , and super dentist. I have always been very happy with Dr. Dave and the folks at Genoa Smiles 🙂 6/9/14 R.H.H.

Everyone was super nice, attentive & helpful. Had a tooth extracted with ease & even got a follow up call to make sure all was well!! Highly recommend!!!! 6/6/14

I was very pleased with the way every one did there job. I felt very comfortable and relaxed no pressure everyone was great Dr. Dave is great. I have been to few dentist, but he really explains every thing and makes a person actually want to have dental work done. 5/30/14 D.P.

Thank you so much. I waited too long, because I am very nervous at the dentist. I had a major problem, and I felt good when I left. Thank you! 5/28/14

Very friendly staff, I had my teeth cleaned and was pleased with the hygienist and proficient manner in doing the cleaning. 5/15/14 L.M.

Staff and Dr were great with the kids. Best dentist’s office we have ever been too. 5/12/14 K.C.

Five star rating because: Everyone is professional Everyone is friendly Everyone is caring I had no pain!!!!! Pleased with the work I had done You all work well together and are courteous to one another I have confidence in all of you The equipment is up to date Facility is very clean and very appealing It is a friendly place to be I am pleased with my decision to stay with Genoa Smiles I have already recommended you to a potential patient and will continue to do so! 5/1/14

Your operation was punctual, professional & friendly. Your willingness to cooperate with my regular dentist was a welcome surprise. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor were great at what they do & seemed to really enjoy teir jobs. When my current dentist retires, I know where I’m going. Thanks SO much! 4/29/14

Friendly, efficient, effective and prompt. Explained each procedure and addressed all of my questions. Latest technology employed to deliver high quality care. 4/25/14 S.D.

Known Dr. Dave for years and would recommend him to anybody. He is definitely worth the drive up to Genoa and his staff is so super friendly. 4/21/14 P.L.

Good music clean office great sense of humor. 4/12/14

Dr. Dave and his staff are great. We drive over 1 hr each way just to see him. It’s worth it! 4/4/14 B.B.

Very caring and professional. Sensitive to people’s fear which I think is important in a dentist’s office. 3/31/14

The following reviews are from patients at my previous practice.

“Dr. Dave McAuslan is uniquely gentle, kind, charming and very good at helping nervous patients feel at ease. The staff there is always cheerful and helpful. I will go nowhere else for my dental needs… and I drove an hour to get there!”     R. H.


“I have gone to Dr. McAuslan for 30 years almost. He does a terrific job, and has made many bridges for me. I truthfully do not even know when it is in my mouth, it fits so well….sometimes I have to go back home because I forgot it. The staff are so friendly too! You won’t be disappointed! Try them and tell them I sent you, please!”       J. P.


“Every aspect of my treatment was excellent. I’ve been a patient for years and hope to continue.”    F. H.


“As always….greeted by friendly faces, less than 10 minutes in the waiting area…great treatment from the hygienist. Yep…normal day at Dr. Dave’s!”       C. K.


“Cheerful greeting. Friendly staff and of course the dentist Dave.”      J. N.


“The experience is always excellent.”       E. H.


” I had a filling put in on 8/7/12. I didn’t need to get a shot in my mouth because it was small. YAY! Love Dr. Dave he is very gentle and takes good care of me. I recommend you guys to everyone. We are now 4 generations that come here.”     P. K.


“From the greeting at the front door to the friendly conversations with the dentist, the entire staff shows a great care about their patients. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dave’s since he opened his practice around 30 years ago. A visit to see him is like visiting an old friend, twice a year.”  D. K.


Original reviews are available for viewing at our office at………..    

619 E. Main St.   Genoa, IL 60135     

Genoa Smiles        815-785-5166